Support an exhibition of endangered alphabets

Glagolitic wordTim Brookes creates beautiful wood carvings in endangered scripts (see my previous post on Brookes’ work). This work is part of the Endangered Alphabets project, which creates educational materials for readers of minority languages and cultivates awareness around linguistic endangerment.

Endangered Alphabets has launched a Kickstarter campaign to support a new major exhibition of Brookes’ work as part of Mother Language Day 2017. The campaign just went live today and will run through July 21, 2016. Back the project now—rewards include postcards, books, clocks, dictionaries, unique carvings and more!

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One thought on “Support an exhibition of endangered alphabets

  1. Tim, thanks so much for talking about the Alphabets again. As you probably know, in the midst of a Kickstarter it’s easy to doubt oneself, so what your support is valuable on many levels!

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