Monthly Archives: May 2015

There’s an app for that: Messages

Apps have been hailed as the super amazing killer feature of smartphones since the launch of Apple’s App Store. (Can you believe we’ve only had “apps” since 2008?)

But if you’re like me, less is more. I only have two pages of icons on my iPhone, and I don’t use the bottom row. If I go even a few days without using an app, I delete it. I don’t allow anything except text messages to give me notifications. And all this time I thought I was alone.

I recently got the chance to read the article “Futures of Text” by Jonathan Libov, and it seems he largely shares my sentiments:

I thought, “Thank god I don’t need to download another f—— app for this.”

The article discusses the—perhaps unexpected—innovations going on in the world of SMS interactions. Our world is getting bogged down by apps, and meanwhile voice recognition isn’t good enough to be as convenient as it looks in the movies. Read the article and revel in the sophisticated present (and not-so-distant future) of text message agency.